Life and Beth

Well here we go my first commission.. How exciting!!! No seriously this is AMAZING!
What a wonderful group of group of people they are….

The production is called Life and Beth to be put on by The Network Theatre.
The play is about a recently bereaved widow, Beth, troubled by her family’s misguided support and a late husband who won’t leave her alone.

The costume is for the character Connie. So it begins…..

Burda Style Pattern #144

144_1212_B_large 144_technical_large.jpg 144_1212_C_large

All measured up the lovely Sue and size is chosen. I downloaded the pdf from the website and joined all the A4’s together.. I have been a member of the Burda Style Website for rather a long time but shamefully never printed out a pattern. This actually took rather a long time! Well 48 sheets of A4 all Celotaped together.. uuummmmmm!!!

       “Note to Self: when using Burda patterns from the on-line source, must allow the time for the massive jigsaw of A4 sheets of paper”

The next thing I found was the instructions, though extremely informative, there are no visual diagrams, which is a common place when you purchase a paper pattern. So after reading through a few times, great care was at a must before any stage was embarked on.

The collar is a style which I have never embarked on before… So heres to learning something new!!! I decided it was a good excuse to invest on an Invisible Zipper Foot so again new Techniques are a plenty.

So all cut out and off we go…

Invisible Zip Insertion

I general this pattern was quite straight forward… apart from the absence of visual, pictorial instructions which I am probably more reliant on then I realise. I just had to make sure I understood each step before going full at it, taking my time time.

Wham Bam!!!
Sue loves the dress… She looks great!!! Everyone is extremely happy, in fact ecstatic about the finished piece. Grand job done ;D
The over all experience has been fantastic, they asked me back which equals to a very happy lady. Learnt a few new things along the way.


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